We tried Belif's cream and contour, a hydration bomb that (really) changes your face

February starts very cold and dry. Something that, with my sensitive skin, I notice a lot on my face. That's why I thought it was the ideal time to try Belif Moisturizing Bomb facial cream and eye contour, pure Korean cosmetics that work miracles on the skin. The complexion is elastic, fresh and so soft that I can't stop touching it. It is literally a hydration bombshell of what I am going to tell you absolutely everything today.

The Korean firm Belif "integrates the 19th century apothecary techniques and the sophistication of Korean beauty rituals. Each of the formulas contains pure ingredients, activated by cutting-edge cosmetological science and traditional methods of plant extraction. "In Spain it comes to us from Sephora, being able to try these two proposals for face and eye contour of the firm.

The true cream - moisturizing bomb by Belif

This is the most moisturizing cream that the firm has, "a moisturizing proposal that comforts dry, dull and scaly skin with a blow of intense hydration for 26 hours, leaving the face soft, very nourished and flexible." A product summary with which I couldn't agree more, even adding that leaves it fresh and with a feeling of moisture Very relaxing and comfortable.

In addition to this sensation on the skin, there is another thing that attracts attention when applying it: its aroma. The true cream - moisturizing bomb smells great. It is made with medicinal plants, among which the use of Comfrey leaves that give the final result a somewhat mentholated aroma And very fresh.

The product comes, like the rest of Belif's options, in a blue and white cardboard box that looks very pharmaceutical. In it we can find all the information about the cream, ingredients and descriptions. When we open it we find a white container with a black cap, with the same look that he packaging Exterior. Its price is 35 euros, but it makes such a difference that it is really worth it.

Belif Moisturizing eye bomb

The other product must What we have tried from Belif is this Mousturizing Eye Bomb. "It is a light, refreshing and moisturizing eye contour that boosts the elasticity and resistance of the skin of this area." People with reactive skin like me will know that the eye and eyelid area is easily irritated. Especially with make-up removers, appearing redness. Well, I can say from experience that this is the antidote.

This contour cream is very similar to the Moisturizing Bomb for the face, with an equally refreshing aroma thanks to comfrey leaves. However it is much more nutritious thanks to the Asian sparkle, something that my eye contour appreciates. Also the hydration, elasticity and comfort of the skin remind a lot of the previous cream, being ideal to always have in the bag.

The product presentation follows the same line as all Belif creams, in blue and white tones with look professional. However, its packaging surprises with the intense emerald blue tone, which transmits a feeling of freshness very summery. And that is true when you try it! Its price is a little higher than that of the facial moisturizer. It costs 38.95 euros but lasts a long time.

The final conclusion is, at this point, quite obvious. I have fallen in love with the wonders of these two products. To the point that I am already going for the second facial cream. And I am very clear that I will try other proposals of the Korean firm, because the two that I have used have surprised me with their results, exceeding expectations. In my opinion they are an absolute 10.

The product was provided for testing by Belif. You can check our company relations policy for more information.