The details that inspire us most in our Instagram profile

The world is prettier on Instagram. Social networks serve to evade us, and we, who have our feet on the ground, can afford it. In the Instagram profile of Trendencias (we invite you to follow us), we let ourselves be inspired for what causes us emotions, for clothes that we love, for places that we would like to visit, for dishes that we want to cook and eat, for plans that we feel like, for tricks that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. This is the kind of things you'll find on our Instagram timeline.

A garment

We will talk about luxury brands, but also low cost, because elegance and style are beyond a brand or logo.

A beauty note

Of course, beauty is a fundamental part of Trendencias, and we are always attentive to the latest news and the coolest releases of the moment.

A perfume

We love the details that make us unique, and perfumes help us feel good and express our personality and our mood.

A woman

We like strong women and what they have to tell us. We will always have a place for designers and fashion icons and their best quotes.

A place

Places that inspire us for their decoration, for how beautiful they are, or because we would like to visit them very soon. You have to plan, trips, getaways and plans.

A trick

Tricks to see us better, tricks to take advantage of us, tricks for the thing, for clothes, to take care of ourselves. We like to be practical and have useful things to tell you.

A plan

A dish to cook, a place that is fashionable, an activity we like to do, a plan for the weekend, there are a thousand interesting things to do.

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