Amber Valletta and Douglas come together to create a beautiful makeup collection that we want to have

We must recognize that lately the German perfume chain Douglas He is doing really well. And it is that in recent times it has launched exclusive collections with great characters like the one he launched with Claudia Schiffer that he distributed exclusively, as well as that of Karl Lagerfeld, for example. The case is that now Douglas has partnered with Amber Valletta to launch a makeup collection That has fallen in love at first sight.

This makeup capsule collection created by Amber Valletta and Douglas She tries to convey the beauty and the most personal universe of the model, how she chooses to live her life: being grateful, waiting for the future with open arms and enhancing her true beauty, which she now captures in a capsule makeup collection.

It is a collection of pieces selected by Amber herself, with a very sophisticated point, with a packaging very careful and elegant composed of six commodities for a bright and beautiful makeup for day to day.

A beautiful collection that we are looking forward to know more closely because it looks great.

  • Blusher and Lipstick Snapshot Blush Stick Rouge for € 17.95.
  • Illuminator Spot-on Highlighter for € 17.95.
  • Lipstick Big Impression for € 14.95
  • Mascara Look at you for € 22.95.
  • Compact Powders Instant Blur for € 24.95.
  • Eyeshadow Eyelight Cream for € 17.95.