Famous mansions, medieval castles and even entire islands: Airbnb bets on luxury tourism with its new service

A few weeks ago, Airbnb definitely unchecked itself as just an apartment rental portal announcing a catalog with more than 200 immersive experiences in some of the places most beautiful and little explored on the planet.

A walking safari with lions in Kenya, living like the Amish on a farm or explore the amazon rainforest for nine days These are some of the adventures that can already be booked through the portal.

Now, in addition, the company has strengthened this commitment to luxury and tourists with greater purchasing power with Airbnb Luxe. This is a new section within its website that offers 2,000 new rentals in which the average price is about 12,000 euros per week.

Although this figure can be increased until million euros per week if we want to get lost in a private atoll with 21 bungalows and service personnel near Tahiti.

Because in this new function you can not only find what we understand by normal opulent houses, there are also castles, medieval mansions and even entire islands.

The offer includes the Villa Fleming in Jamaica, where Ian Fleming wrote his James Bond novels or a medieval castle in the Tuscan countryside with plenty of land for go hiking and harvest local products.

According to Airbnb, many of the houses are owned by rich families, billionaires and celebrities. Although, to protect the privacy of the hosts, the portal never reveals who the owners of the rented rooms are.

The philosophy behind this volantazo of the company is explained by Eshan Ponnadurai, director of the global luxury market at Airbnb, as follows:

“People are growing with Airbnb. Someone who started with 20 years renting a room for 90 euros, now has more money and may want a room for 900 euros a night".

Although perhaps, the biggest difference that Airbnb Luxe offers with respect to its traditional version is the free access to a travel organizer that is in charge from the check-in to book local experiences and other services related to transportation, food, childcare or well-being and beauty.

These organizers are available 24 hours of the day to assist guests and make their trip a five star experience without having to share a hotel with other people.

In 2018, according to data from the company itself, the number of Airbnb reservations worth at least 900 euros a night increased by more than 60%. So, with the launch of Luxe they get fully to satisfy the growing demand for rental of luxury properties.

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