"We have to see one of these days": the phrase we say knowing that it is a lie

Let's see. There are many phrases that amaze me, and not precisely in the good sense of the word. Among them, for example, that of “real women have curves” (the others are a fruit of the imagination) or that of “I am like time” (I wake up, I open the blind, I see it rains and I decide to get depressed). Also on my blacklist is that of “the day you are a mother, you will understand what life is about” (is a woman who has been a mother intellectually superior) and that of “if I were you…” (but you are not , you will never be and I am convinced that you are a lucky one for not being).

But my favorite is undoubtedly: "We have to stay one day" and its many variants.

Now you understand me. One day you receive a call or a message: "Hey, beautiful, how long." The one on the other side of the WhatsApp is a friend you couldn't call her “friend", But you can't consider it"a known”Because it sounds like I did something to you. It appears out of nowhere, after months without remembering your existence (or you of his, let's be honest), and asks you how you are.

You tell him that you are very well, because you go from typing an hour, telling him that you had left him with your partner, that you have another floor and that since the last conversation you changed three times of work. You are lazy to explain everything about your life. The same laziness that lets you know about his. According to her Instagram, she travels a lot and is very much in love and you don't need to find out if it is true or not, because she will never tell you. But you also ask: "And you, what?"

If you answer everything very well, it means that he writes to ask you something. Otherwise, he tells you what is not right and you spend an outstanding hour of WhatsApp because your consciousness does not allow you to leave it at such a hard time, no matter how little friend it may be. You wonder why he writes to you, but the answer is usually simpler (and less pleasant) than it seems: his friends are always tired of the subject or simply nobody is answering his messages at this time.

And then, after letting go of the whole roll or (if you're lucky) asking you for a favor from his, he tells you:

"We have to see one of these days."

He doesn't propose: how about you have it for coffee tomorrow at noon? ” Nor does he ask for your agenda next week.

No. What's up.

He sends you a “We have to see each other one day”.


Then he adds: "... beautiful."

Disconnect again. You answer yes, you look without fail and catch up. And after half an hour he sends you a kiss with your heart and declares: "I love you, aunt."

And until next year.

You sigh and do not understand why you see it loose if you both know that you will never see each other. Just as you know that his "I call you tomorrow", in the case that he has dared to say something so crazy, it is a "I AM NOTHING tomorrow". She knows it too, but she says it the same.

And after a few days, while you're having a coffee alone and you don't know what to do, you write to a friend, whom you can't call him “friend", But you can't consider it either"a known”Because it sounds like I did something to you. You ask him how are you, tell him about yours and after half an hour you put:

"We have to see one of these days."

And he says yes, of course. You know it's a lie, but you're relieved to know, because you don't really have any need to see it.

Because our words no longer make sense. Because our "I love you" have become a greeting and "I am here for whatever you need" in a small card to look good. Because since we have so many possibilities to communicate, we do everything but communicate.

Video: TWICE "Feel Special" MV (February 2020).