Mermaid tail blankets have become the most desired item of the year (says it to Amazon)

We see them everywhere. It is difficult to enter Instagram or Pinterest and not meet any. They have been the object of desire for all months fashionist That boasts. The mermaid blankets (mermaid blankets) are the real object of desire for this 2016 that is almost over. We don't just say it. Amazon has revealed that blankets were the most sought after object during Cyber ​​Monday. If we had not yet done with it, we have time to put it in the letter to the Kings.

They don't seem too comfortable. And they can give us a disgust if we get up to answer the phone without remembering that we have our legs stuck in it. But the design has gone deep and the sirens are everywhere. In Amazon, as we have already seen, where there are designs from prices close to 20 euros. In Asos, where they have become one of the products best seller and you have to be very attentive to hunt them before they run out. And, of course, on Instagram:

In Jared | Instagram has been filled with mermaids. Finally a body challenge full of positivism and self-esteem!

Handmade Fringed Scales Of Blanket Mermaid For Children Adults In Living Room And Sofa (Mint Green)

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