Street style

The basic rules of street style to not spend anything cold this winter, and without losing an iota of style

With the arrival of winter things twist a little for him street style. Sandals disappear, legs are no longer taught and rain often prevents modeling. We ended up in the very easy black and white. Total, the coat is going to cover everything. Not bad! It can be chic when temperatures drop 10 degrees, and this manual will help you get it.

The thousand layers game

If you want to give out all your clothes, winter is the perfect time to get it. Combine them together by colors, prints or textures, taking them on top of each other to create contrasts. Dressing in layers will allow you to take care of even the smallest detail, taking advantage of the collar of a shirt with the cut of a sweater or strategically showing the cuffs of your sweatshirt over the coat.

If you're going to hide behind a coat, make it a statement coat

There are those who, with the arrival of winter, adore spend the cold months tucked into a shelter of excessive proportions. And it is an option as valid as any other. However, if you want to keep your touch fashion you always can opt for a coat Item to take all eyes.

Yes, the pens can also be for you

The changes cost and assimilate that padded coats go from being useful and comfortable to being the kings of street style It is a great change. It seemed impossible a few months ago, but they have managed to be the number one pledge in the market. Add to that the fact that They are the most warm, appetizing and welcoming of winter. We give a big and resounding yes to the feathers!

The rain all creeps, except a raincoat

Neither blazers, neither bombers, nor cowboy jackets. With the arrival of the rains we would all like to stay at home, but there are times when doing so is impossible. You have to arm yourself with courage and go out to the shower, with the gray day and everything wet. Since we do it, why not do it in style? A good raincoat, that does not go out of style and that makes you impervious to everything.

Where there is hair there is joy

In winter we all want coats that protect us to the maximum of the cold and the humidity, to make us feel as if we were in front of a stove. What we are looking for has a first and last name: It's called a fur coat and wants to be your best friend this December. Will you leave him?

Head high and neck up

For many, winter is synonymous with angina, aphonia and sore throats. You have to take care of that voice! To do this, one of the simplest options is to use high neck sweaters, up and that we wrap up to the ears. There are those who can go without socks in January without suffering, and there are those who need to have a neck back since September.

Walk me hot, maxibufanda to the rescue

If your high neck overwhelms you and you immediately get warm when you are indoors, your protector against the cold will be the maxibufanda. The feeling will be the same as being on the sofa wrapped in a blanket, but with a very chic touch. You can wear it around the neck, as if it were a vest and even in the form of a stole. Everything goes, as long as you walk hot.

Warm, above and below

Complement all your winter outfits with key accessories for the time, such as water boots or beanies of wool to heat ideas. The idea is to protect yourself from the cold really, without suffering to be beautiful or without forcing the styles. All this, of course, maintaining the style, that that can never be left out of the equation.

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