Flowers that do not wilt: the parade of Simone Rocha and her beautiful women over 50

2017 is being the year of inclusiveness in the world of fashion. In New York Fashion Week they have paraded large sizes in Michael Kors or Proenza Schouler, models with hijab, and see transsexual models On top of it, it is also increasingly common. And during London Fashion Week, in Simone Rocha, have opted to do parade several women of all ages. The beauty and the desire to look stylish do not understand the years that mark your identity card.

The name of these beautiful models is Benedetta Barzini, Jan de Villeneuve, Marie-Sophie Wilson and Cecilia Chancellor, with ages ranging from 50 to 73 years and with extensive experience in the fashion world: some have posed for Irving Penn, others for Mario Testino, and his face has gone through the covers of Vogue or Vogue Paris. And we see that its beauty and class endures over time and does not wilt at all.

It seems that fashion has finally realized that not only thin young women buy fashion, but all women of all ages and silhouettes do, and Ideally, these clothes feel equally good to all of them. In the case of Simone Rocha, the collection mixes a male confection, of military dyes, with delicate fabrics such as velvet or tulle, and fills those utilitarian garments with prints as feminine as flowers. A really nice contract.

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