Less is Better, the new limited edition capsule collection from Kiko that already grinds us

Although it may seem a lie, Kiko is 20 years old. It is true that in Spain it has been much less years, but even so, in global calculation there are already 20 years that have been waging war. The fact is that, how could it be otherwise, they have decided to launch the collection they have called Less is Better, your new limited edition capsule collection created in collaboration with the designers of SuperDuper Handmade Hats, multi-award-winning brand for the design and quality of their hats, where the leading trend is the “No make up - make up”. So let's see what they offer us this time.

First of all, I will tell you that This collection launches specific products to illuminate the face, hide small imperfections and elegantly enhance eyes and lips. Thus, we have from products for a better cleansing of the face, to an illuminator, cream and palette shadows, matte lips, all in nude tones.

And now let's see piece by piece.

Less Is Better Fluid Highlighter

We start with the Fluid illuminator for the face for a delicate and light strobing effect. First product I want and I want it now. Its price is € 11.95 and it is a product with a soft formula with pearls and pigments, easy to blur that offers a velvety and uniform finish, with a light coverage. It is available in 2 shades and do not tell me that it is not interesting for beautiful skin.

Less Is Better Cream Blush

We continue with a cream blush with water-based formula It combines the pleasant silky texture of a mousse with the freshness of a light emulsion. Its texture imperceptible to the touch, with soft focus powders, makes it easy to blur and modulate, without drying out.

It is also available in two tone and his Price is € 8.95.

Less Is Better Eyeshadow Palette

A beautiful 9 eyeshadow palette with nude shades could not miss and, above, with 3 different finishes: matt, satin and metallic. Beautiful and attractive Price of € 11.95.

Less Is Better Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

These stick eye shadows They are usually very good, easy to apply and last a long time. Its creamy and highly pigmented formula, easy to blur, releases an intense color, available with two different finishes: satin or slightly metallic.

Is available in 3 tones (a shade like champagne, pink and darker brown) and its price is 6,95 €.

Less Is Better Matte Lipstick

They could not miss the fluid lipsticks in nude tones With immediate ultramate finish and high coverage. They have a light, comfortable, velvety and long-lasting texture and their formula, enriched with peach extract and Brazil nut oil, guarantees extreme coverage.

We have 4 shades to choose from € 6.95. I look forward to seeing you because you fall for sure, they look great and very well priced, those we were starting to miss in Kiko.

Less Is Better Konjac Sponge

As I said before, this collection also bets on the beautiful skin from cleaning, so it could not miss a Natural konjac sponge for a deep and delicate facial cleansing. It is ideal for daily cleaning of the face as it prepares the skin for the subsequent application of makeup. Its price is € 5.95.

Less Is Better Pochette

And we end up with an ideal bag for trips and to have makeup always at hand, a perfect complement to give or give us. Its price is of 14,95€.

What are you staying with?

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