13 books about motherhood that show us that no mother is the same

Literature is plagued by mothers, but they are not all perfect, nor ruthless as Medea, nor excessively maternal, nor holy, nor, of course, are they all the same.

We bring you a selection of the most diverse novels. They all portray a different perspective of motherhood and they will all give you a lot to think about preconceived ideas, clichés and the richness of a universe that has a thousand faces.

This will also happen from Milena Busquets

A crazy desire to live, a nostalgia that sometimes suffocates and a sea town with Mediterranean flavor as the background of a story in which Milena Busquets transform their own experiences into literature and tells us about the figure of his mother, the great editor Esther Tusquets. After the death of her mother, the author lives the duel in a tragic way and decides to take refuge one summer in her mother's old house in Cadaqués to recover. But with each conversation or memory the figure of that intelligent and lively woman resurfaces, which was key in its historical moment.

We like it because: His vision of motherhood is very free and independent. But so are his reflections on love, friendship, the passing of the years and the grieving for loved ones.

The tetralogy of A great friend of Elena Ferrante

We have little to say about the tetralogy of Elena Ferrante and her great female characters. The story in four volumes of two friends, Elena -Lenú- and Lila, told retrospectively by Elena already in the last stage of her life has broken sales records and the applause of the public, in addition to that it will soon become a series of TV.

We like it because: Elena, the first person voice of this tetralogy, is a woman who feels free, regardless of her motherhood and struggles to remain herself and for her career in the professional world despite guilt.

We have to talk about Kevin from Lionel Shiver

This shocking novel leaves no one indifferent. Belonging to the epistolary genre presents the story of Eva, Kevin's mother, who reflects along letters and more letters in how was your life before of having his son, how he was dragged into pregnancy by the desire of his partner and how he saw it as something alien. In addition, Kevin from the beginning is not an easy baby, he is a troubled child who, as he grows up, becomes a manipulative being and lacks empathy.

We like it because: This novel invites us to do a reflection on perfect motherhood and happy, about the obligation that seems imposed that any woman should feel happy with the arrival of a child. But it is also an interesting reflection on the seamless love for our children, even if they are monsters.

The house of Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca

A claustrophobic environment, the result of the strictest norms and having to respect social conventions so as not to arouse rumors and criticisms, lead Bernarda to lock her daughters in her house after the death of her husband, the kings being mourning and silence. The appearance, dignity and rigidity of a universe in which all that matters is "the one who will say" make it into one of the most authoritative mothers of Spanish literature.

We like it because: We are facing a mother capable of doing anything in order to restrict the freedom of her daughters or asphyxiate any ray of hope that gives them the opportunity to be free.

22 Britannia Road by Amanda Hodgkinson

Silvana and Januscz meet again in London after six years of forced separation because of World War II. They will finally resume their life with their son Aurek, even if it is far from their native Poland. But what should be a happy reunion takes a surprising turn. Nothing is as before. The war has turned them into two strangers with secrets. A novel that will leave you breathless.

We like it because: We are facing one of the stories that best tells the relationship between a mother and her son, the spirit of endless struggle of Silvana in order to guarantee the survival of little Aurek even in extreme situations.

Henrik Ibsen's doll house

At first glance, Nora seems like the perfect wife and mother, always obeying her husband, as any woman of her time would do but without getting out of paper. And yet, she hides a secret, a loan she asked for years ago to save her husband and that now is going to push her to break all the norms of the society in which she lives to find what she appreciates most in the world: your freedom

We like it because: It gives us a vision of motherhood that was a scandal at the time, that of a woman capable of abandoning her own children in exchange for becoming a person.

In the name of Erri de Luca's mother

The oldest history in the world told in the most realistic way possible. And with the harshness of what it means for the protagonist, Maria, to give birth alone, having become pregnant out of wedlock and exposing herself to be stoned to death. But she is not the only protagonist of this unusual view of the story of the birth of Jesus. There is also José, a young man in love with his wife who feels shocked by this unexpected pregnancy.

We like it because: defend an idea of ​​motherhood despite who weighs, even if the only way is to live alone. Something as old as the old testament, but fortunately in our society it is no longer taboo.

Amy Tan's good star club

Shortly after his mother died, author Amy Tan decided to write the story of her life, not without some difficulty because she had the impression that the story she had heard since she was little differed over and over again. But the core always seems the same: The Club of the good star. A group of four women whose goal is to mentally flee the drama in which they live daily and dream of a better future for your children.

We like it because: This novel passionately defends the brotherhood of women to deal with a patriarchal society and in that struggle the protagonist mothers are fundamental, however old-fashioned their ideas are, since, above all, what they want is for their daughters to be more free and happy that they.

Paula by Isabel Allende

We are facing one of the works more intimate and personal Isabel Allende: an emotional hodgepodge of autobiographical thoughts and deeds that was dedicated to writing next to the bed of his daughter Paula, in a coma at that time. A heartbreaking love letter to his sick daughter with which it is almost impossible not to get excited.

We like it because: truthfully conveys the love and pain that a mother feels when she sees her sick daughter.

The most beautiful word of Margaret Manzantini

We are facing a beautiful (but tremendously hard) story that brings us closer to the reality of the Balkans, before, during and after the war. A romantic and realistic book that tells the story of Gemma, a woman who met this war in the first person and who years later decided to return, geographically and spiritually because of an exhibition. But it's also the story of a woman who knows she can't have children and embarks in a search for the impossible to make it.

We like it because: manages to convey the real torment that is wanting to have a child and not getting it The process and useless visits to medical consultations, the idolr to see how others do not have that problem, etc.

The frantic life of Kate by Allison Pearson

Kate is an effective and responsible businesswoman with a great professional career ahead. But she is also the mother of two children and in theory, a housewife. And to get those two universes from collapsing, Kate will have to use all her ingenuity and intelligence. The English title of this novel, I don't know who she does it, explains very well the day to day of the current woman, who wants to live motherhood but still be her and have her own professional projects. He adapted to the cinema with the title of Temptation in Manhattan.

We like it because: Only the chick lit gets the laugh out of hand with situations that are not as comical as they seem. A faithful mirror of what it means today to be a working mother but passed through the sieve of romantic comedy.

Homeland of Fernando Aramburu

The Critics Award and thousands of copies sold. No doubt we are facing one of the novels of the year and that could not be missing in any essential list. As a plot, the murder of an entrepreneur at the hands of the ETA Oria Command is an emotional portrait of two families, a historical context that is still present in some way in our lives.

We like it because: the soul shrinks the mother defender portrait of his terrorist son, who waits for him year after year, as punished as he is for his imprisonment in jail and ends up being even more fanatic than him.

You are not like the other mothers of Angelika Schrobsdorff

This book might seem like a novel but basically it is a autobiographical account so tremendously intense and dramatic that it seems incredible. The story of its protagonist, Else Kirschner and all those around him, since his birth in a bourgeois Jewish family in Berlin at the beginning of the century is of overwhelming intensity. And in the center of the story a fascinating woman.

We like it because: Else is a free and restless spirit, which seeks to break down barriers in all fields and live life with intensity. Is the mother who has a past and consequences to pay.

Photo | Temptation in Manhattan

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