The time has come to grow: practice #adulting without dying in the attempt

The Millennial and Z generations We have nothing to do with the previous Baby Boomers or Generation X. It seems that, more than ever, we take the words of the Forever Young song to the letter and never find the time to grow. The word "adult" becomes a bad word and nobody wants to label themselves as such. If anything, we practice #adultingwhich is much more cool and you can upload to social networks.

What is the #adulting? In short, what we used to call "Exist and grow". That is, doing things like living outside our parents' house, Think about what to do for dinner, pay bills, put washing machines and call the plumber. Activities without too much glamor that don't fit our Instagram feed but are absolutely necessary. He #adulting It is not an option but a way of life that we would do well to master a certain age.

Already says Meg Jay, in its TED Talk "Why the 30 are not the new 20". Yes, all 30 come later, according to the psychologist, 80% of the key moments in life will pass at 35. However, Jay states "at 20, the brain is reprogrammed for adulthood. If there is anything to change about themselves, now is the time."

Accept responsibility

Of course, one of life's great pleasures is complaining about it, about the things that happen to you and you can't control. Okay, give it some time but don't get stuck at that point. Turn the page and take responsibility for taking charge of your own happiness. If you don't do it, who is going to do it?

Love madly

Yes, madly, but not only with hormones. We all know that adolescent loves are passionate and intense but love madly in #adulting version It requires putting heart and soul in it. They may have hurt you but there is no reason to hide or love from fear. Love as completely as you can, there is no other way to do it and enjoy it. Don't be afraid to show yourself vulnerable. Yes, they may hurt you again but What is the alternative: live in a cave?

Learn to rent an apartment

If you thought that renting an apartment was going to see apartments and falling in love at first sight of a beautiful-large-bright apartment that is also a chollazo, you will have to rethink it. There may be a crush but there are many, many things to consider before putting your signature under a contract. When you go to see a flat, take a small list:

  • check the faucets
  • scan the walls and floor to find humidity stains
  • open the windows and check the Noise level
  • open the closets to see the space you would have available
  • asks warranties and instructions for all appliances included in the apartment
  • check that the key enters well and that the entrance door is safe
  • Rate if you need a parking space or there is room on the street
  • visit the neighborhood at different times of the day to get an idea of ​​where you are going to live (if you don't like surprises).

Learn to make a budget

Survive independently with your own money probably the worst part of #adulting. Forget about shopping marathons and spend 200 euros on makeup in Sephora. No, spending your own money is not as fun as spending the money of others, but once you have reached adulthood it is quite inevitable. You will have to enter the boring world of setting a budget: See how much you earn, what fixed expenses you have and what you have left to dedicate to or the happy hour.

Get a job

Another primary part of growing up is to become an economically independent person. It is not worth marrying a rich aristocrat. At least, it is not the most likely to happen. First step, create an impeccable resume and suitable for the job you are looking for. It doesn't matter if you don't have previous experience, a good CV doesn't depend on that. Prepare the interviews well when they call you to meet you in person and give everything when you start working. Rihanna says it, #workworkwork.

Buy better, redefine your closet

Redefining your closet is part of the great plan of eliminate from your life everything that is superfluous. Buy quality clothes, think about what you wear and what pieces you have abandoned at the bottom of your closet. Zara's kimono may seem like the best idea for this summer, but are you going to wear it in 3 years? Consider your work and what is the dress code. Free up space and get rid of unnecessary expenses. Your adult "I" will thank you.

Think you always have time

It is one thing to live as an adult and another very different is that you have to build the Beyoncé Empire before the age of 30. Once you have mastered the #adulting You can come up with a plan to achieve your vital and work goals. Think that Ray Kroc did not found McDonald's until age 52 (and he spent his life selling cardboard cups and shake mixers) and that Amancio Ortega He opened his first Zara store with 39 years. There is always time, the important thing is that you keep moving forward.