Sex and Relationships

Having more sex will make you better understand square roots

Already, I know that square roots do not seem the best reason to practice sex. Neither square roots, nor in general any kind of intellectual activity. But that is because they have sold us a strange version of what it is to make love.

Contrary to what it may seem, sex is one of the best activities for the brain. The association between practicing sex and cognitive function is well known and these days a research team from the University of Coventry has just confirmed it. Again.

The science of sex

And no, I don't mean "studies" like those of the Lovehoney erotic sex workshops chain that surveyed its customers and discovered that The greater the intellectual quotient, the greater the consumption of erotic products.. What are they going to say. I am referring to the hundreds of studies that relate the practice of sex with the intellect. And in the most disparate ways.

For example, we know that more animals that have more sex have a more developed hippocampus and their blood glucocorticoid levels (a stress-related hormone) are much more stable. Come on, they live much better.

And it is something that is not reduced only to animals: since the 1980s we have numerous investigations by Barry Komisaruk and Nan Wise, pioneering researchers at the University of New Jersey, studying how orgasms affect the brain. And they are not trivial things: both increased longevity and pain relief They are among the benefits.

A wonderful way to take care of the brain that they never told us

In the end what the studies are telling us is that sex is a good tool against cognitive impairment. It does not make us smarter, but it does prevent us from losing skills and that age takes its toll.

And the truth, It's not something that should surprise us. Making love is an activity that includes numerous physical, hormonal, emotional and social tasks. It is not just the act itself, but the whole process that leads us to it.

Precisely this is one of the weak legs of these studies. It must be recognized that in interpersonal processes of this type the causality is complex and it is possible that, in part, it also happens in reverse: that is, cognitive decline make people practice sex less.

So regardless of square roots, we have more and more reasons to bet on an active, fun and action-packed sex life. Our brain will end up thanking you.

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