It is unrecognizable. But yes, this is Vanessa Hudgens and her newly released cut with bangs

Bangs is one of those really controversial hair issues. We are all tempted at some point to cut it off, but when we have it we regret it. It is the whiting that bites its tail. Should I cut it? Yes? Do not? Vanessa Hudgens has had no doubt and has done so. It seems a lie, but that little change has left her unrecognizable.

At first glance it has been hard for us to believe that she is, but there is no doubt. Yesterday, the actress appeared on the scene with a straight bangs at eyebrows and semi-open, Alexa Chung style. And the truth is that it suits you, combining perfectly with that bob textured and with a disheveled touch that is the mark of look of the celebrity.

Vanessa Hudgens is an absolute fan of the changes of look Y we have seen it with the mane of a thousand sizes, shapes and ways. One day is short and the other long. And the other blond, or purple. Or full of braids. However, we have always been able to recognize it until now. And it seems incredible how much he has changed his face that bangs so fashionable.

In Jared Beauty | The false bangs gain a lot of strength among the celebrities.

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