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The famous Rebecca de Ravenel earrings that you can find on this luxury website for many less euros

They are the pending of the season, of this there is no doubt. Many are the celebrities from all over the world who have not hesitated a moment to seize them to dazzle this summer in the most elegant parties. From Selena Gomez, one of the most followed on Instagram, to stylist Louise Roe through many others. The earrings of Rebecca de Ravenel they have tried to clone in a thousand different ways, but none have achieved it perfectly except for Kenneth Jay Lane and that Zara has tried.

This is the most famous model, Selena Gomez is a variant that has also been very successful

The earrings of Rebecca de Ravenel they have a price over 300 dollars, the surprise has come when we have found these of Kenneth Jay Lane really identical by 80 euros in Net-a-Porter. The most famous luxury fashion page in the world does not usually opt for brands that clone products because it already has the big ones, which makes us think who was the first of the two firms that launched this product to the market. The price difference is immense but the design itself. If you still want to surprise with these flattering earrings you have no excuse.

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