Red carpet

Kate Hudson finds the perfect dress for her shaved hair: the most spectacular back to air

The queens of the red carpet are well learned lesson: the perfect styling must be accompanied by a wonderful hairstyle. A badly chosen bun or a careless mane can wear a look 100 to 0 in just a few seconds. That's why we love the last one so much outfit Kate Hudson, because it combines perfectly with her shaved hair. Really, They are the same old dresses but now they seem much more destroyer and daring.

The shaved head is a hairstyle Item this season. Either you love him or you hate him, but there is no doubt that you have to be brave to get him. Cara Delevingne already showed that a mane at zero automatically gives any look a very groundbreaking air Y femme fatale. In case there was any doubt, Kate Hudson has done the same with this beautiful asymmetrical satin dress by Stella McCartney.

The most impressive of all look It is the back of the dress, fastened with thin straps and with fluid fall to infinity. And why is it so cool? Because there is no mane that hides that sexy back. A very simple, bright and elegant design that would have been worthy of the most sophisticated Hollywood, but that with the shaved head looks more like a real vampire.

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