We tested the precious collection of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

From the first moment we saw her, we knew she was going to succeed, and that's how it is. The Fenty Beauty collection by Rihanna has only reached the market, specifically at Sephora stores, and we are already many we have not been able to resist its charms. So today I let's talk about some of the products that we have been able to prove and that have not left us indifferent, so do not miss it.

The first thing I'm going to tell you about these products is that they can't be visually better. The packaging is simply spectacular. On the one hand there are thin cardboard boxes with lines like graffiti remembering a little to the 90s, but then the content, the product is impressive, sober lines, chosen with exquisite taste. I really tell you that visually it is a joy.

And having said that, we begin the review of the products themselves with the perfecting base Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer, Soft Matte, which does not contain added oils that blurs the pores, visibly unifies the tone and texture of the skin and instantly absorbs shine, without leaving a feeling of dryness or a whitish finish, for a more uniform application of the base of makeup and a longer duration of it.

Undoubtedly, one of the best first I've tried. There have not been many many that have passed through my hands, I recognize it, but its results are really noticeable. It's from a pinkish tone, with an impressive and intoxicating aroma, that melts with the skin leaving it soft, velvety, refines pores, removes shine, creating the perfect canvas to apply makeup that stays much better all day.

In my case, as I have told you before, I put on makeup in the morning and I have to be perfect all day without wasting much time on touch-ups and so on. My work outside these pages, makes my image count a lot, so it is appreciated to have products like this that keeps the base in place all day, without unnecessary brightness, and fairly uniform. From using it to not using it, the difference is noticeable, both with low cost bases, and with higher-end makeup bases.

A good ally whose price is € 31.

We continue reviewing the products in the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna collection with Match Stix Trio, three sticks for perfect contouring, or so they sell it to us. The one I hold is the Light 100 Of course, let's go.

Those who have read me for a long time know that I am not a staunch follower of the makeup technique, at the most I choose to do it with sun powders to mark the features a little and give the face a little volume.

Well, now With this kit you have given me more use of the technique, although quite softened and without appearing to have a dirty face (as happens to many). Curiously of the three sticks that tr5e the kit, one light, one dark and one bright to illuminate, andThe one that convinces me the most is the dark one. I would never have said it, I am the first surprised.

Yes, the conturing looks pretty good with this dark tone since, despite being very dense (it's a stick) it fades very well, it has the perfect tone for my skin, at least, and you get some really good effects. Really, I didn't believe it myself.

As regards the lighter stick seems totally expendable, I do not cheat you. I just didn't get the point. While the kit is clear and it is perfect for my skin, it doesn't work well for me as a concealer or as an illuminator of the dark circles area (that area that we draw in the form of an inverted triangle).

And then we have the stick illuminator that is clear, throw a tad on pink, and I eat more I like to use it is in the look no-make up to give a touch of shine on the cheeks and nose. It has the right touch of brightness, neither too much nor too little and in cream texture. A good option for those who like illuminators in these types of formats, to me I like it, but I am more faithful to powder highlighters, like blushes, which I also prefer in powder rather than cream. For tastes, the formats.

The price of the trio is € 51.90, Y separately They can also be purchased at a price of € 23.90.

And I finish with the crown jewel, the illuminator duo Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter which is wonderful, specifically the duo Lightning Dust- Fire Crystal. So, without more, at least for one obsessive like me of the illuminators from time immemorial. What if, shines pretty, with different intensity each part ...

As you can see in the photo, one brightness is more discreet than the other, but the truth is that both are perfectly visible when you wear them. Maybe I could tell you that the brightest side the brightness is as looser, while the side (in theory) less bright is more compact and, therefore, I personally like it better, although I never hit a good shine.

The truth is that in the application on the skin, in the points of light such as in the upper part of the cheeks, nose bow, lip cupid bow and others, it is very easy, It fades very well and holds the full day I work quite decently, giving all the brightness that I love.

It is also a so pretty powder, which has me totally in love. Its price is € 33

And in addition to what has been said, as you see in the video of our Instagram account, the kit the three sticks are magnetized, so they always remain united, they are ideal to always have all three together.

Definitely, a great collection that we are looking forward to talk to you more. I am quite clear that I want to try the base that has a variety of up to 40 shades, as well as the gloss that seems to go for all skin types and the Christmas collection ... we want it all, surely more than one product goes to our wishlist facing the letter to the Magi.

Have you tried any product?

The product was provided for testing by Sephora. You can check our company relations policy for more information.

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