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Mammals: how taking time for us helps us to be better mothers

Maternity it can be one of the most desired and beautiful stages of our life. Especially when it comes to something we have looked for, or that we have always wanted.

But nevertheless, it can also be one of the most stressful moments, exhausting and demanding we have lived. And more when we ourselves, our environment and the world in general is responsible for setting rather unrealistic goals and expectations.

That something makes us happy does not mean that, from time to time, no we need a break and give ourselves time for us same. That is why, for some years, research has begun to point out the importance of fathers and mothers having a rest time. Especially the latter since they are the ones that spend more time on average for the little ones.

Mom-cation or Mammations: the fashion that gives us time for us

This is why it is not surprising that what is already known as "Mammations" has become popular in recent times. The term is sound and can be attractive, but the reality is that it only talks about take some time for ourselves and to take care of ourselves, regardless of whether it is long or short.

The reality is that, sometimes, the idea of ​​spending a day, two or three without our little ones can make us feel irresponsible or the dreaded "bad mothers" and come to think that we are doing something wrong. However, a physically and mentally healthy mother she is a more responsible mother To his children.

And it is that our children recognize our emotions and can even get them. Taking time for ourselves, to relax, rest and take care of our person can help us be happier and healthier mothers. In fact, you can teach our sons and daughters a family relationship pattern that is more balanced and teach them to take care of themselves in the same way.

Take a break without guilt

In any case, most likely the first times we decide to take some mammals or time for us guilt, insecurities and doubts make their appearance. Of course, also the fear that something happens and we are not there to fix it or that we are essential.

To overcome these first doubts one of the options we have is to leave a clear plan for those who are going to stay with the children, so that let's rest assured that everything is clear. In any case, this is a good time to start delegating part of our responsibilities.

The time we take can depend on us and it doesn't have to be long if we don't want to: go for coffee alone with friends, go out to dinner with our partner once a month, or go out on a weekend alone, can do that when you return you have released part of the accumulated tensions.

Giving time for ourselves is not only a sign that we take care of ourselves as people, but it will help us to take care of patience, and to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. And our children will notice and appreciate it.

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