We tried the new Clarins makeup bases, love at first sight

If you are one of those who do not lose detail in terms of makeup bases then take good note of the news we bring you today. We warn you, they look great. This is the new Clarins for this season, specifically the base Everlasting Cushion (the most fashionable format) and the Everlasting Compact, an ideal format that probably likes oily skin.

They are therefore two completely different makeup bases that you will like depending on the result you are looking for or the type of skin you have. We have tried both versions and we tell you our experience in this particular versus.

Clarins Everlasting Cushion

We begin by analyzing the characteristics they promise from the brand. It is a long-lasting and practically bomb-proof base as it promises a fixation capable of enduring intact in the face of the worst weather conditions. It is presented with a high coverage capable of camouflaging all imperfections and at the same time letting the skin breathe. Finishing glowy and with an SPF50.

Our experience

Of the two bases that we analyze today this is the one that caught my attention, especially for its cushion format and the effect glowy It offers for my dry skin.

The format cushion As we have told you before, it is very practical, specifically this one of Clarins has a packaging of minimalist lines in white and gold tones that makes the powder case look clean and at the same time elegant.

Base Everlasting Cushion It has a very fluid texture and at the same time manages to unify the skin very well, demonstrating that it has a high coverage (just as the brand preaches us) but without losing that transparent skin finish.

Although it covers small imperfections well with a single layer and leaves an almost perfect skin I must confess that it is not total coverage, perhaps this is what makes it win naturally, now with a second layer we manage to camouflage completely . At this point I prefer to apply only where it is necessary or better to use a concealer so as not to load the skin where it is not necessary.

And the finish? Yes, totally glowy, the skin looks very moist and juicy as soon as the base is applied, and when I say a lot it is a lot. Anyway, when they spend a few minutes the base begins to settle and look much prettier, with that juicy effect that makes it so special without being so exaggerated, luminosity assured.

The durability is also very good, on the one hand it holds a lot on the skin losing very little coveragel throughout the day and on the other hand highlights the way it disappears since nor leave dry patches That is something I can't stand.

The Everlasting Cushion base has a very fluid texture and at the same time manages to unify the skin very well, demonstrating that it has a high coverage

Who loves the effect glowy they will love it, as well as dry and dehydrated skin too they will find that comfort they need and also does not mark peels. Instead oily skin that seeks to control the shine better take a look at the following base. Price 40.50 euros.

Clarins Everlasting Compact

As its name indicates, it is a compact makeup base, They might well seem like some sealant powders because of its format but in reality it is a powder base in a compact format.

Clarins tells us that it is a long-lasting base, prepared to withstand an intense day (sweat, humidity or heat). Ultramate finish, and a coverage capable of camouflaging redness, spots or other imperfections and with an SPF 9. All this with a perfect packaging to carry in the bag.

As you can imagine this makeup base is indicated for those skins thatThey need a base that controls the brightness and at the same time hold them on the skin at least one day and not that it is falling apart with the passing of the hours.

Our experience

The finish it leaves is really very matte, velvety and with a unified skin. I find it ideal for oily skin looking for a durable base, but not for dehydrated skin, either oily or dry because the skin and fine lines of expression they will accentuate much more, something typical of powdered bases, so it will work great for non-dehydrated oily skin.

Regarding the coverage issue, say that it unifies and leaves a more perfect skin tone but coverage is not too high to camouflage intense imperfections.

The finish that leaves is really very matte, velvety and a unified skin. I find it ideal for oily skin looking for a lasting base

And what about packaging, it's a real past, it is a magnetic magnet that slides As you can see in this Instagram video, it is very cool. Price 40.50 euros.

The product was provided for testing by Clarins. You can check our business relations policy for more information.

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