This Christmas do not forget to decorate your hair with a pin (vintage type)

They say that in fashion everything comes back and today we have a complement that we used to use and that now goes back to petar it (or so it seems). We talk about the hair pins, that this Christmas comes with the aim of decorating our hair and providing a different touch to the final look. Do you want to try at home? Today we show you the coolest models seen in the market. Which one do you prefer?

Dress your hair with these models

  • Decap orange mini pin, 22.90 euros.
  • Ebony wood pin from Eriste, 15 euros.
  • Pack of 2 smooth forks from Asos, 9.99 euros.
  • Asos hair pin with leaf design, 7.49 euros.
  • Orelia brushed metal triangular hairpin, 10.99 euros.
  • Decap white hawksbill curved pin, € 34.90.

A deluxe complement for top hair

For all those who seek exclusivity for their hair, Balmain launches a line of pins in different skins perfect to make a difference. With zebra, giraffe and crocodile prints, these accessories are part of the Balmain Hair Couture 2017 Fall-Winter Collection (in limited edition). Its price? Suitable for very few: 225 euros.

Video: DIY: Word Bobby Pins. Cheap & Easy Christmas Gift (February 2020).