This is Crossushi, the new foodie trend with which we opened 2018

Surprises never end in the foodie universe and practically every week a new trend comes into our lives, sometimes to leave us ojipláticos and other times to not even know how to pronounce this new discovery.

Perhaps that is the case of the discovery that we bring you today, the Crossushi, an extravagant fusion between croissant and sushi that we are waiting for a lot of "oh la la" and "mon dieu" to wake up.

The Crossushi is also known as California Croissant and it consists of filling one of these delicious and crispy croissants with smoked salmon, nori seaweed, wasi, ginger and other delicacies that we associate more with the world of sushi.

The invention is the work of the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse bakery chain, with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Seoul. And it is not the first time that they merge two specialties, they recently created the Cruffin, a combination between croissant and a muffin.

Crossushi looks like another one of those ephemeral fashions, something that has been born especially to make them raise their eyebrows and give us some laughs on Instagram, a rare croissant that is served with soy sauce and that, from what we can read on social networks, It is not having much success in the real world. Of course, photogenic is a while.

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