Business with glamor or postureo that is expensive? Six things that not everyone knows about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

We start Madrid Fashion Week with a lot of fashion shows, fashion and trends, all of them collected at the Madrid Fair. Everything is ready for a new edition of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk, which many of us still remember as Cibeles. Are you ready for these high doses of fashion? Insurance? So you don't miss anything and be the most knowledgeable of front row, we tell you some of the curiosities around this Fashion week That not everyone knows. We heat engines!

The origin of the name

For many of the fashion connoisseurs, the Madrid catwalk will always be Cibeles Madrid, though seven years ago that the Mercedes firm organizes this event Under his well-known name, he works hard to associate the world of luxury, fashion and aspirational trends.

As in many capitals of the world, the German car brand finances part of the Madrid Fashion Week signing a contract for which it is called Merdeces Benz Fashion Week Madrid since 2011. It is the main sponsor of the event, as in New York or Berlin, with about two million euros invested per year. This title has elevated Madrid fashion to the height of New York and European, giving more cache and relevance to our Fashion Week.

This is how #MBFWM is funded (and yes, there are grants for designers without funds)

A Fashion Week like the one in Madrid costs (each edition) about three million euros. This money does not put the whole community or Mercedes Benz, even if it bears his name. The financing system is mixed and this is the only gateway in the world where it is done like this: 65% of the money is provided by sponsors, 30% by Ifema itself and the remaining 5% by designers when paying the fee that allows them to parade in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

These percentages translate into very high amounts, both for some and for others. Mercedes Benz, L'Oréal and Inditex are the main private contributors, along with other minors such as Solán de Cabras, Samsung, Iberia Codorniú or Ciroc. They are responsible for covering almost two million of the final figure, with the image of Mercedes Benz associated with luxury and support for Spanish fashion of Inditex the most important.

The Ifema organization contributes 900,000 euros per edition. This money comes from the public coffers, with a consortium composed of the Madrid City Council, the autonomous community, the Chamber of Commerce and the Monte Madrid Foundation. What is missing is paid by the designers themselves (about 4,000 euros per signature), otherwise you cannot parade in #MBFWM. For this they have the support of ACME (Association of Fashion Creators of Spain), which requests ICEX grants for its associates, normally financing around 50% of the parade and supporting emerging designers with less experience and funds. Designers are not required a commercial growth or job creation in Spain to parade, only the payment of the fee.

The press that covers the event, much "made in Spain" and little international

One of the biggest ballasts of the Madrid catwalk and that is more difficult to reverse is the conception of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid as a local gateway and unimportant worldwide, compared to New York, Paris and Milan. An idea that the organization is working very hard to change. The first step was to adopt the same name as other important gateways such as New York or Berlin, something that came from the hand of the car brand.

Historically, it is not a relevant catwalk in the world of Western fashion that has no interest for the international press, but the organization works hard to raise the category of Fashion week Madrid. Gradually, MBFWM is opening its sights, leaving the comfort zone that is the Madrid Fair to parade in emblematic spaces chosen by designers, such as the market of Antón Martín, El Retiro or the Palacio de la Prensa. Thus Fashion is brought back to the capital and given more cache and visibility, following the system of cities like Paris or Milan.

These efforts are paying off. Ifema itself has announced that last year it received 1,314 journalists, of which 90 were foreigners. To raise that figure further, this year has strategically organized after Paris Haute Couture Week. So international professionals can make a quick stop in Madrid before returning to their countries and not match the London Fashion Week. However, this is not just a matter of public relations, but of interest. Fashion newsrooms and journalists make great economic and personal efforts at this time to cover all Fashion Weeks and Madrid, at the moment, is not on its obligatory routes.

This reversal of the process is also noted in the number of international buyers. In previous editions of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid there were hardly any big brands and sales representatives present, at least from outside Spain. However, the efforts of the public relations department of Ifema are noted with the arrival of more buyers from abroad, as is the case of the giant Zalando.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tickets

During the month of January the fashion forums and the comment sections of the magazines on-line They are filled with users with the same question: "How do I get tickets for Madrid Fashion Week?" This is the simplest answer: You cannot buy them, you have to get them by invitation. These are delivered by the Ifema organization, the designer and the firm; or by press accreditation.

Another thing is the tickets for Cibelespacio, a style zone stands that completes the fair, in which magazines, brands and stores take advantage of the influx of public fashionist To show your new creations. These entries are raffled on many websites. If you are there and it coincides with a parade, you can always queue without invitation: when the bleachers have not been filled, they usually let the public in To create more atmosphere.

The Samsung EGO gateway

The last day of each edition is the most inspiring, as it is dedicated to young emerging talents with a lot to tell and no fear to tell It is the day of the riskiest bets and the craziest and most amazing styles and parades. All this is sponsored by Samsung. At the end of this day, one of the designers receives the Samsung Ego innovation award, an award that recognizes the mix of fashion and technology and that last year received Outsiders Division.

The L'Oréal Award

In addition to Samsung, L'Oréal also awards its own prizes. It is one of the biggest sponsors of Fashion Week and the most anticipated awards: to the best designer and the best edition model. This award means a lot of prestige, but also good promotional support from the L'Oréal group to the designer and 6,000 euros for the model. How do they choose them?

In the category of "Best Designer" can only aspire to win those creators who have paraded on the MBFWM catwalk of this edition, excluding the new talents of the Samsung EGO gateway. To choose the best one, two criteria are taken into account: the coherence of the line, with its inspiration, design and materials; and the staging of the parade. Something similar happens for the "Best Model", taking into account his professionalism, his staging or his career.

Now that we know a little more about the background of Madrid Fashion Week and its organization, we can understand all the ins and outs much better and, like each edition, enjoy a lot of fashion, style and new proposals made in Spain.

In Jared | This week starts the Madrid Fashion Week and we will see much more than parades.

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