Margot Robbie on his way to the Oscar thanks to his impressive performance in 'Yo, Tonya'

Today 'Yo, Tonya' premieres the film that tells the life of Tonya Harding, the most hated skater in history. for being part of an aggression against his rival Nancy Kerrigan. A role played by an imposing Margot Robbie, who is at his best professional moment, and for which he has obtained a Oscar nomination for Best Leading Actress. We can't forget about Alison Janney, which is also splendid and for which she is nominated for Best Supporting Actress and for which she has already won numerous awards (BAFTA, SAG and Golden Globe).

We are facing a highly anticipated production, directed by Craig Gillespie, which has three Oscar nominations, the two mentioned above and also to Better assembly As defined Margot Robbie it is a film "based on interviews devoid of irony, completely contradictory and absolutely true made to Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly".

Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) dominated the ice with a totally unique skating style. He also made headlines for something completely different. She went down in history for being the first American skater to complete a triple axel jump in an ice skating competition, it was in 1991. And also for being suspicious, both she and her surroundings, of assaulting Nancy Kerrigan (Caitlin Carver), her main sports rival, in what was one of the most popular scandals of the sport.

The objective of this biopic according to its director Craig Gillespie is Humanize the protagonist: "The media always painted her as the villain, but her life is much more complicated and tragic than that. I don't intend to subtract anything from Nancy Kerrigan, what happened to her was horrible, but it seemed to me that there was a much more complex story to tell about Tonya. I wanted to humanize her, and surely empathize with her. "

Margot Robbie, which is more than fantastic, she is a very talented actress who has captivated viewers around the world with highly successful performances along with some of the most prominent names in the film industry. With a constantly evolving filmography, Robbie brings to life an exciting story that reflects his impressive presence on the screen. In fact, this film, which is also a producer, is told in a false documentary format, where Tonya Harding (Margot) herself explains her story with the help of her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan)

The movie is a script by 256 scenes that includes four skating competitions, between them two Olympic Games. As regards shooting, the scale of what that really means is already a challenge in itself. You can see amazing skating scenes and understand them as if they were action sequences from an action movie. In addition, makeup, clothing and prosthetics to adjust to each era complicate filming even more.

"The mechanics of how skating is filmed looks the same way, with specialists, visual effects and all the other elements that have to be coordinated in order to get through scenes like that. And then you have to add the fact that all of that is It has to do on ice! It is an incredibly complex process, considering that time is moving so fast (our film covers Tonya's life from 4 to 44 years old). Get all this done, on a scale and with the budget of independent cinema, it was incredibly complicated. "

The costumes are the responsibility of Jennifer Johnson. The work is fabulous, recreating every costume Tonya wore both in training and in competitions. Jewel pieces in the most important but homemade competitions in others of smaller rank, where the economic position of the protagonist is shown.

All attached to the hairdressing and makeup team, the result is fantastic. "A phenomenal work reproducing all the styles of the recordings that we managed to find. It was a challenge, but it was an important part of making this film a reality as accurately as possible."

The costume designer has been one of the winners of the Costume Designers Union Awards as Best Contemporary Costume.

The skating choreographer is Sarah Kawahara. Margot prepared for four months and the work is amazing, but obviously to skate at the Olympic level they needed doubles. Sarah herself explained to the team that there was no one to do the triple axel, since there have only been six women in all history capable of doing so. There are only two women, but the two are going to compete next year at the Olympic Games, so they can't risk injury. In the end they had to resort to visual effects to do so.

In this original video you see the reproduction of the sky blue jewel maijot with rhinestones details that he wore in 1991. Other of the prettiest designs is a white one with fringes and gold sequin details, and another model of the same black velvet cut also with gold sequins, combined with some earrings Chanel

Below you can see the trailer:

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