Picasso and Dalí, the protagonists of the auction that Sothebys London dedicates to Modern and Impressionist Art and Surrealist Art

Listening to their names overwhelms our hearts. We are talking about two of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. And of two unique auctions in history that are held today, February 28, and in which both will coincide together with other greats of painting as Alberto Giacometti, Marc Chagall, Auguste Rodin or Claude Monte.

We don't know who his current owner is, but what we do know is that Picasso's work in which he portrayed Marie-Thérèse Walter, known as his golden muse, an oil portrait known as Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée Today you will meet your new owner in the famous Sothebys auction hall in London.

A Historic moment unique, since this is the first time that the table is put up for sale and its estimated value is of about 40 million euros, approximately.

Together with Picasso and three other paintings of his, among which is also the well-known Matador, in the auction of Modern and Impressionist Art the works of other great names in the painting such as Monet, Rodin or Giacometti will shine

With emotions still in full bloom, this auction will be followed by Surreal Art, in which we will find two pictures of the great Salvador Dali and other great names of this movement, such as Magritte, Max Ernst, Man Ray or Yves Tanguy, among others.

Photo | Gtres

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