Let the bikini operation continue in summer: 10 tricks to reduce up to 500 calories a day

There are many people who go on a diet before starting the summer, but once the time comes to look kind, they get carried away with joy and neglect their diet to such an extent that exceed the weight they had at the beginning of this circle that becomes vicious and constant over the years. That is why we have consulted with specialists from the Lajo Plaza Medical Center to gather Some easy tricks to eat rich and healthy during the holidays.

Always choose the integral version

You should not give up carbohydrates, but choose its integral version: pasta, bread and rice ... it is true that the caloric difference is not too significant, but you will eat less because they satisfy more because their digestive process is slower.

Prepare a snack 'zero'

The healthiest and most helpful snack is fruit, although we can innovate and create true delights with few ingredients. One recipe they recommend is to mix dietary gelatin, which has only 12 calories per envelope (after adding the glass of hot water) with a skimmed yogurt. Then you can add cut fruits. Total calories: less than 100, with all the protein intake of the gelatin and vitamins of the fruits.

Run away from the defendants

And not only because of its high caloric intake. Processed or refined foods They cause the body to acidify causing fatigue, infections and stomach upset.

Better raw

Each tablespoon of oil has 108 calories, so we must be careful with the amount we use for cooking (in addition, if we can consume it raw we take full advantage of all its benefits). Join the trend raw: in addition to caloric saving, raw foods are more difficult to digest and they make the digestive system work extra.

Say yes to soft drinks and beers 'without'

Have you already tried summer reds 0 calories and 0 alcohol? Beer without also has less than half the calories of conventional beer and also has many beneficial properties for health. Zero is also the caloric intake of soft drinks 0, but if the problem is gas and bloating, opt for drinks without bubbles in its light version.

'Light' yes, but ...

By definition, a light product is one that contains at least 30% less calories than its "normal" version. But nevertheless, may contain sugars and nothing healthy additives. In addition, there is a risk of eating more of them believing us safe from getting fat.

Do not give up bread, but take it only first thing

The morning is the best time to incorporate hydrates such as bread that give us energy for a long time, but It is essential to eliminate it at any other time of the day. Dispense with him at lunch and dinner allows us to save up to 300 calories. Also consider the first tip, so Choose whole grains with whole grain.

Fruits to avoid

Though eating fruit is never harmful, we must bear in mind that some have a greater contribution of sugar (grape, banana, papaya, mango ...). Unless you exercise in the afternoon (you can eat a fruit before) it is better to reserve the fruits early in the day. ** The least caloric? Pear, tangerine, strawberry, melon, watermelon, apple and kiwi. **

Will + the fair amount

Eat on dessert plate, do not bring the source to the table and try to cook so that you do not eat anything. How many times do you repeat simply because it has been left over? The mini rations -which are more than enough- they allow you to consume up to 30% less calories from each dish.

Get ahead of the situation

It is vital to anticipate temptations. If you drink something away from home, tell the waiter not to bring you potatoes with the drink. Once you see them at the table it will be harder for you to ask to be taken. Do the same if you go to a restaurant. Expressly ask that the steak come alone or with vegetables. "I'm not going to eat bread" also works. Once you see them on the table it will be harder for you to make the change. If you are going to make the purchase, never go on an empty stomach.

Do you usually follow any of these recommendations? Would you add any other?

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