The new restaurants in Madrid perfect to inaugurate the Christmas lunch and dinner season

Madrid is a non-stop restaurant opening, Perfect places to discover new gastronomic routes. The capital is renewed every bit, opening a new space every week. Now that Christmas dinners and dinners are approaching, it is essential to keep up to date latest novelties gastro, some of them already fashionable and with difficulty of finding a place.


Panthera is already the new fashion site of the capital. Maximum posture. A beautiful place in black and gold tones, where you can dine and dance and get your wildest side. The variety of cocktails is their specialty, along with a menu of international dishes.

  • Where? Miguel Angel Street, 21
  • Telephone: 917 29 87 77
  • Average price: 50 euros

Cristina Oria

Cristina Oria has just opened on the Golden Mile of Madrid a most charming restaurant. A perfect space for breakfast, lunch, snack and even dinner. The new place is gorgeous and consists of a bar for drinks or snacks and a terrace. Your menu of French inspirations, has different options of foie the king of the house.

  • Where? José Ortega y Gasset, 29
  • Telephone: 91 435 66 21
  • Average price: 30 euros

Groceries The Factory

Groceries La Fábrica is the new gastronomic proposal of the mythical company La Fábrica. Its name, a nod to the grocery stores of yesteryear, defines the interior of this contemporary space that combines a restaurant and a gourmet shop with exquisitely selected products. As an outstanding novelty, the menu, designed by Neapolitan chef Valentina Ciardulli, who takes a turn and enters one of the gourmet trends of the moment: Cook in glass jars. A proposal accompanied by a wine list of more than 80 Spanish references.

  • Where? Alameda Street, 9
  • Phone: 912985523
  • Average price: 20 euros


Inside the Palacio de Linares, in Casa de América, is Raimunda, a restaurant of the La Fábrica group, located in a unique enclave. A space with colonial airs, like its name (Raimunda de Osorio was the name of the Marquise de Linares) where international dishes predominate, perfect for a romantic night. Do not miss their cocktail bar.

  • Where? Recoletos Walk, 2
  • Telephone: 91 088 72 47
  • Average price: 35 euros

Noname Bar

Version 2.0 of Noname Bar moves its premises to Claudio Coello 27 Street to offer a different experience with a cuisine based on Japanese-Pan American cuisine, in a place decorated by interior designer Marta de la Rica. Without losing the essence of its origins, the new venue is an evolution towards a more cosmopolitan, elegant and careful concept, where you can enjoy at any time of the day its cuisine and its extensive cocktail menu.

  • Where? Claudio Coello Street, 27
  • Telephone: 670 088 427
  • Average price: 35 euros


As if it were a colonial courtyard of Cartagena de Indias, this roof, located a few meters from the Puerta del Sol, aims to become an oasis in the middle of the urban bustle. Doñaluz is located on the top floor of the B&B Hotel, the perfect place to admire the sunset, enjoy a lounge or taste its cuisine, focused on the fusion of flavors that makes a nod to South American dishes. A space with open kitchen, which also features grilled products, another of its great attractions.

  • Where? Montera, 10-12. Rooftop Hotel B&B
  • Telephone: 917 316 757
  • Average price: 25 euros

Bad femmena

Gruppo Pulcinella has opened an Italian restaurant where women are the main protagonists, with a set and a menu specially designed for them. Malafemmena, is a tribute to the unattainable, untouchable women, women who unconsciously suffer men willing to do everything to conquer them. Crayfish tartare, special risottos and seafood pasta are exclusive dishes of this space, which has a pizza oven and an area dedicated to cocktails.

  • Where? Dr. Esquerdo Street, 13
  • Telephone: 913 36 94 20
  • Average price: 30 euros

Kuc Place to be

The new trendy restaurant in Chueca is Kuc Place to be. A room divided into three spaces (bar with high tables, dining room and private lounge) led by Unai Camba (Maple), the son of chef Iñaki Camba. In this perfectly decorated space, you can find a market cuisine menu with homemade dishes and a very original wine list.

  • Where? Santo Tome Street, 6
  • Telephone: 912 10 87 09
  • Average price: 40 euros

Thanks Father Jungle Club

After the opening of Gracias Padre, you have just opened Gracias Padre Jungle Club, a Mexican restaurant with an impressive decoration that will not leave you indifferent. As if you were in the jungle, specifically in the jungle of Tulum, you can enjoy typical Mexican food, accompanied by a variety of cocktails, beers or tequilas (up to 50 classes).

  • Where? Sandoval Street, 16
  • Telephone: 916 25 66 69
  • Average price: 25 euros

Your hat

Another novelty that attracts attention just by passing in front of the premises. This is Sinsombrero (former Nicoletta de Castellana). A cozy 20s-inspired place, where you can find a menu of the market cuisine, responsibility of Javi Goya and Pedro Gallego Traditional and simple dishes but with an author's stamp, which you can accompany with a fantastic cocktail bar.

  • Where? Paseo de la Castellana, 4.
  • Telephone: 915 77 52 39
  • Average price: 40 euros


The Sanxenxo restaurant is the representation of Galicia in Madrid. A place that belongs to the Combarro Group and has reopened its doors, where to find a Galician menu with seafood, meat and vegetables from the land. A space of different environments to enjoy from relaxed meals to afterworks

  • Where? José Ortega y Gasset Street, 40
  • Telephone: 915 77 82 72
  • Average price: 40 euros


Guillermina is a very special space, inside the Hotel The Pavilions. In the menu you can find Mediterranean cuisine with original Asian touches, in a place decorated with works of art. His chef, the young promise Guillermo Salazar, has extensive international experience that is reflected in his creations.

  • Where? Amador de los Ríos Street, 3
  • Telephone: 913 10 75 00
  • Average price: 40 euros