Red carpet

The best and worst of the 2018 GQ Awards

Last night the Madrid took place GQ Awards 2018, a celebration where the 'Men of the Year' are rewarded, but with a photocall full of female stars. We must recognize that the level of the call is fabulous, and the style has not been bad at all. As always there looks for all tastes and dresses of all kinds and colors. Today we do an analysis between The best and the worst of the red carpet.

Amaia Salamanca

The new hair tone of Amaia SalamancaNot to mention the cut, he doesn't do him any favors. Yesterday's model, in a beige tone and with asymmetric volumes, is not bad, but the set fails to move it forward.

Malena Costa

Malena Costa I used to be the queen of these awards with breathtaking looks, yesterday, however, it did not live up to the circumstances. The dress of SisTwin It could have been fine, as long as it was more ironed and the perceived value of it was higher. The only thing that adds to the final look are the beautiful sandals of Aquazzura.

Elena Anaya

It was a long time since we saw Elena Anaya in a photocall and you have to recognize that it is great. Her blue velvet dress Carmen March We love it, but not for this event that required etiquette.

Marta Hazas

The dress of Marta Hazas It has too many elements that make the set not spectacular. The moles at night are always dangerous, but if you top it with a red lining and openings on the sides the result is not very stylish, yet Marta Hazas has defended it in the best way.

Juana Acosta

When we thought that this type of dress had already gone out of style, it arrives Juana Acosta and makes us think again. On this occasion we have seen it with a pastel green design of George Hobeika, asymmetric and with gauze meters. A design that is not bad, but that she looks great.

Ana Polvorosa

The dress of Ana Polvorosa It is wonderful, it is appreciated to see different things on a red carpet. It is true that the hairstyle does not favor anything at all and the detail of the transparencies in the most delicate areas must be taken care of a little more. Even so, Amen's dress is among the most original and delicate of the night.

Ana Fernandez

Yesterday Ana Fernandez It was boring, both for the black dress with blue details on the neckline off shoulders, as with the hairstyle and makeup so unflattering.

Alejandra Onieva

Alejandra Onieva It was spectacular with this midi dress and black with silver sequin details. You can not be more favored and the design feels like a real glove, maybe a few centimeters long, but something that we can ignore seeing the final result.

Cristina Tosio

We had not seen such a spectacular pregnant woman in a while and that Cristina Tosio It almost always leaves us speechless. Yesterday he opted for a red sequin dress signed by Elisabetta Franchi and a very tight hairstyle that favored him greatly.

Kira Miró

The black dress of Kira Miró With a sweetheart neckline it gives us absolutely nothing, it is more boring and much. His look lacks many doses of style to achieve climbing positions in the list of best and worst dressed at night.

Angela Cremonte

One of the least successful of the night was Angela Cremonte with this white jumpsuit with various readjustments. The hairstyle and makeup do nothing but subtract the look and the monkey option is beginning to be too late.

Berta Collado

The choice of Berta Collado Not bad at all, but this type of sequined dress in different parts of the design begin to collapse too much. Neither the sequin is of great quality nor the end result is that of an Elie Saab.

Adriana Abenia

In the middle of the Asian controversy of Dolce & Gabbana, Adriana Abenia has decided to pay tribute to them in terms of style with this carmine-colored lace dress (which is light years from the Italians) signed by Zegarcia, accompanying it with golden earrings and obtaining a really complicated result.

Maggie Civantos

THE look of Maggie Civantos It is incomprehensible, there is nowhere to catch it. From the leather dress with feathers (which you could have outside with another combination) to the white maxi boots.