Ashley Tisdale also points to the change of look with one of the trendy colors

We had not known for a long time Ashley Tisdale, At least for these beauty places. However, these days we were very surprised with a look change of those who do not go unnoticed, especially with her to whom we are very used to seeing her as a blonde (with small exceptions when dyed chestnut), so it has left us totally overwhelmed.

You are right, Ashley Tisdale has signed up for pink heeding that little voice he heard in his head that was pushing him to do it. And so it has been. Has joined a rose gold Beautiful and super flattering, but only suitable for the most daring, things as they are.

Either smooth, or with perfect waves work of his stylist Justine Marjan, Ashey sports a perfect tone that is still pure trend and we love it.

Will we be able to also listen to that little voice and launch for 2019?

Video: Birds of Paradise (February 2020).