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Golden, big and fabulous. So are the earrings of the moment

Marni is one of those firms that likes ... Although sometimes we do not understand why. Risky garments, very striking pieces and footwear that sometimes brushes the orthopedic. But if there is something that steals the breath of the most fashionistas is its jewelry collection: originality and extremism are presented in pieces that are capable of breaking the hearts of the strongest.
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Famous Fashion

Kaia Gerber's look is the most stylish to wear jeans shorts in summer

Kaia Gerber has become one of the most sought-after and demanded models of the current landscape. His body leaves no doubt and his beauty does not, hence its many parades for the most important houses around the world. But it is of this type of models that is not only radiant on a catwalk, but that falls in love with any sport look on any day of the day, as it did yesterday through the streets of New York.
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Family, motherhood and children

The 21 reasons why children are smarter than us

Living with two young children is fascinating. They surprise you day by day with their occurrences. And although I try to teach them how little I know about life, I often discover that they are much smarter than us, they always teach me things to me and make me rethink what I think about life. Children are smarter than us and we have 21 reasons that confirm it.
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